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Pasonomi Company founded in 2014,Pasonomi has been researched wireless earbuds for many years,pasonomi earbuds designed by using advanced latest technology like bluetooth 5.0 technology ,TWS True wireless Stereo earbuds technology etc. As bluetooth and wireless technology developing fast and it’s convenient ,more and more people change earbuds with cable to wireless earbuds.

With all Pasonomi colleague effort and struggle,pasonomi has become the top wireless earbuds brand all over the world. Pasonomi developed many distributor and sales platform. Pasonomi Amazon platform is the biggest sale platfrom,customer well know Pasonomi bluetooth earbuds by amazon as it’s great prime service and customer service.

As Pasonomi develop so fast, Pasonomi still have no many kinds of products for Pasonomi design all the Pasonomi products try their best. When Pasonomi want to design a product,almost all colleague take part in using experience, with designer,manufactors,sales,testing,transportion. When testing by all of us ,it would be a “best” product. By doing this process,customer like pasonomi very much, everyone could find so many adventages in one product. Now Pasonomi has series earbuds and VR headset.

Pasonomi Earbuds

Pasonomi X9 earbuds tws-x9
Pasonomi X9 plus earbuds
Pasonomi X9S earbuds

Pasonomi Wireless Earbuds Features :
Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
Fast One Step Pairing
Top Quality Stereo HIFI Sound
TWS True Wireless Earbuds
Portable Top capacity Battery charging case for Pasonomi earbuds even your cell phone.
IPX7 waterproof water resistant
multi mode : Single and Share
Ergonomic Design Wearing Comfortable

Pasonomi VR
Pasonomi VR headset

About Pasonomi App
Pease note : Pasonomi has no any app yet!

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